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Fact Primers

In this series, I break down a highly specific topic into its trivial parts.

Got ideas for a future Fact Primer? Leave them in the comments!

This Day in History

January 25, 1858: Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" is played at the marriage of Queen Victoria's daughter.

Russian & Soviet leaders

Biblical Groups of 12

Important names from the Bible.


It's the worst category you can see in Final.

Baseball expansion teams

A brief history of all 30 Major League Baseball teams, and the various league structures.

Tennis Grand Slam

The players who have won all four majors, either in a single year or in their career.

U.N. Secretaries-General

How to remember the eight men who've held the U.N.'s top job.

Area codes

All about those pesky three-digit numbers.

The Washington meridian

When Washington was the center of the world.

James Bond themes

A practical (and musical!) study guide.

Parimutuel wagering

Pick the pretty horses!

Papal Pandemonium

Finding the best pope name EVER.

Chinese calendar

The elements and the zodiac.

Asian geography

Who's ready for mnemonics?

Prime numbers

Priming you on these special fellas.

Cuts of beef

From hook to horn.

Lunar Missions

After Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Winter Olympics

Ice dancing with the stars!

Early Amendments

The Bill of Rights and a few others.

Oh, My, God. Shoes.

Famous incidents involving footwear.

U.S. coins

Dime, quarter, nickel, penny…
  1. Blake permalink

    Maybe something to do with popular food items

  2. Jack permalink

    Kind of related to the greek letters, it would be nice to see something on etymology. Like a quick reference guide on how to recognize different language roots etc.

  3. MikeM permalink

    The Galapagos Islands are an absurdly common question on J. How about a fact primer?

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