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Jeopardy! By the Numbers

Jeopardy! appears to be about trivia; apply some math, however, and you’ll reveal the secrets underlying the game.

In By the Numbers, I use statistics to reveal the show’s hidden patterns. Some are mundane; others, fascinating.

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Everything you see here would be impossible without J! Archive. A very special thanks to founder Robert K S and all of the volunteer archivists for the countless hours they’ve spent on that project, and for providing me with data.

No more drought

Lock-tie wagers

College wild cards

Bet it all! (Sometimes)

Daily Double hunting

Wild-card probabilities

'Close' games

All-time leaderboard

From Brad Rutter on down. Sortable!

Come-from-behind wins

Kerry Greene defied the odds.

Biggest one-day totals

When gutsy bets work out.

Modeling the next ToC

What might the field look like?

Streaks of Futility

When things don't go right… for weeks.

No good, very bad weeks

Why wager everything from the lead?

Finals comebacks, pt. 2

Coming back from second on Day 2.

Finals comebacks, pt. 1

Distant third can still win!

Underperforming wild cards

Why do they do so poorly in later rounds?

Wild-card alternatives

I think the tournament system sucks.

Pre-Final ties

Breaking down the math.

Champs by number

Counting winners in the A.K.J. era.

Visualizing streaks

What do streaks look like?

Juuuuuust right in Final

Not too easy, not too hard.

Carousels of champs

Round and round we go…

True barnburners

Now these are some scores!

Teen ToCers

Why'd they get the axe?

Tiebreaker clues

Now available to everyone!
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