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To keep my six-color theme – check out the Glossary to see what each represents! – I had to cut a few things from the navigation menu. They’re compiled here for easy access.


Your burning question: “Why would anyone do this?” Believe me, I ask myself this at least once a week. Find out why I started this project.


I’ve had the privilege of speaking with many great Jeopardy! players; a select few have let me capture our conversations on camera. Click here to see who they are.


I try to keep the lingo to a minimum, but sometimes it’s easier to use shorthand. Click here to learn some J! jargon.


Have you ever had someone go above and beyond to make your day? That’s how my brother and I felt about Sarah McNitt when we covered the ballad created in her honor.

I also turned Norm Macdonald’s behind-the-scenes look at SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy! into a long-form piece.


Jeopardy fan mailAfter my appearance on the 2003 College Championship, I got a lot of snail-mail letters.

While I still prefer handwritten notes – address might be provided on request – the virtual form is more convenient. Click here to get in touch with me.

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  1. Taking a university gaming and gambling class and your Youtube videos have been incredibly useful. Thank you!

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