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Media appearances

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January 19 [mention]:, “Watch all three ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants finish with $0”


September 11 [mention]: Daily North Shore, “HPHS Teacher Competes on Jeopardy!”

May 25 [mention]: The Simi Sara Show (CKNW), “Squamish man beats the odds at Jeopardy! and shares his winning tips”

May 06 [mention]: FiveThirtyEight, “Why Ken Jennings’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Streak Is Nearly Impossible To Break”

April 24 [mention]: PokerNews Podcast Episode #278 (starts at 22:00)

April 22 [quote]: PokerNews, “Alex Jacob Dethroned After Winning $149,802 on Six-Day Jeopardy Run”

January 28 [mention]: Carroll Magazine, “Victory & Agony of Jeopardy”

January 7 [mention]:, “U-M grad (and employee) John Schultz to appear on ‘Jeopardy!'”


June 25 [mention]:, “Lakewood resident Alison Meermans describes her “Jeopardy!” strategy: five questions”

May 29 [quote]: Vulture, “What’s Behind the Unprecedented Run of Female Jeopardy! Winners?”

April 28 [mention]: Pacific Standard, “Game Theories: How to Win at ‘Jeopardy!’—and Other Important Lessons From Social Science”

March 4 [mention]: Philadelphia Inquirer, “Swarthmore grad cleans up on ‘Jeopardy!'”

March 12 [quote]: The Atlantic Wire, “‘Jeopardy’ Is Set to Embrace the Reality TV Star as Arthur Chu Bids Goodbye”

March 11 [mention]: Mediaite, “The Best Strategies for Winning Jeopardy” (by Tina Nguyen, contestant in the “best game ever?”)

March 10 [mention]: Boing Boing, “Meet Jeopardy!’s new master – and his controversial strategy”

February 27 [interview]: The Joy Cardin Show, “How to Win at Jeopardy”

February 25 [mention]: The Straights Times, “Hate campaign on Twitter sees new Jeopardy! champ Arthur Chu labelled as Jeopardy! villain”

February 25 [mention]:, “Arthur Chu, Jeopardy ‘Villain’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”

February 24 [mention]: The AV Club, “Controversial Jeopardy! champ Arthur Chu tells his story”

February 24 [interview]: CNBC’s Street Signs, “Jeopardy! masters join ‘Street Signs'”

Keith Arthur CNBC

February 24 [quote]: ABC News, “‘Hero-Villain’ Jeopardy! Contestant Returns to Game Show Monday Night”

February 21 [quote]: The Toronto Star, “Arthur Chu’s dangerous game of Jeopardy!”

February 21 [my own work]: The Daily Beast, “How I Taught Arthur Chu to Be the ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Everyone Loves to Hate” (n.b. my proposed title was “A Tale of Two Game Shows”)

February 21 [quote]: The OC Register, “Is this man killing ‘Jeopardy!’?”

February 9 [interview]: America Weekend with Paul Harris, “‘Jeopardy!’ Game Theory”

February 7 [mention]: Freakonomics, “A Game Theorist on Jeopardy”

February 6 [mention]: USA Today‘s For the Win, “Jeopardy! champion Arthur Chu won’t apologize for his play and doesn’t need to”

February 5 [interview]: CTV News Channel, “‘Unorthodox’ way of playing”

Keith Williams Jeopardy! CTV

February 5 [mention]: Grantland, “Arthur Chu, The Richard Hatch of ‘Jeopardy!’: What’s Not to Love?”

February 4 [interview]: The Atlantic Wire, “Meet the Real Masterminds Behind Jeopardy’s Game Theory Tactics”

February 4 [mention]: CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, “‘Jeopardy!’ winner’s strategy irks fans”

February 4 [interview]: The Beat of Sports, “Is Jeopardy Winner Playing Unfairly or Using Good Strategy?”


February 4 [interview]: NPR’s Here & Now, “‘Jeopardy Villain’ Explains How He Keeps Winning” (with Arthur Chu)

February 3 [mention]: Policy Mic, “Jeopardy’s New Champion Uses a Controversial Game Theory Strategy to Win Big”

February 3 [mention]:, “Jeopardy! champ Arthur Chu of Broadview Heights is shaking up the game with his unorthodox strategy — and his glares: Michael K. McIntyre’s Tipoff”

February 3 [quote]: ABC News, “‘Hero-Villain’ Jeopardy! Contestant Returns to Game Show Feb. 24”

February 1 [mention]: The Daily Mail, “What is a ‘mad genius’? Meet the 30-year-old causing uproar among Jeopardy! fans for the ‘villainous’ tactics behind his winning streak”

February 1 [mention]: Business Insider, “Jeopardy’s Controversial New Champion Is Using Game Theory To Win Big”

January 31 [mention]: Cleveland Scene, “Team Arthur: Local Trivia Buff Highlights the Finer (and Controversial) Side of Jeopardy!”

January 31 [mention]: The Atlantic Wire, “Jeopardy’s New Game-Theory Devotee Is One to Keep an Eye On”

January 31 [mention]: mental_floss, “6 Elements of Arthur Chu’s Jeopardy! Strategy”

January 31 [mention]: Sports Illustrated‘s Extra Mustard, “Video Explains Why You Should Play for the Tie in ‘Jeopardy!'”

January 30 [quote]:, “‘Jeopardy!’ tie game makes Arthur Chu a hero?”

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