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August 1, 2016

The final two weeks of Jeopardy! Season 32, binge-watched

As many of you have noticed, I haven’t published much here the past few weeks. I apologize to those of you who were interested in particular analyses, and thank those of you who sent me emails / messages / YouTube comments to check in.

Basically, the games just started piling up in my DVR queue, and as they did, I got less and less enthusiastic about cracking into them.

But fear not – I binge-watched the last ten episodes of the season last night and this morning, and compiled two big videos, split by week. I’ll add more here as needed but thought it prudent to get these up and into the world as soon as I could.

Week of July 18:

Week of July 25:

Enjoy! Over the summer I’m sure I’ll have a few fun things happening, like another crack at predicting the ToC field.

Also, please note that for now some links to recaps (particularly the last three weeks of the season) might be broken. I’ll fix those in the next few days.

  1. I just wanted to point out that the “Sweet Valley High” clue was an instaget for me too. :)

  2. Kelly permalink

    Re: ToC predictions – Based on evidence that the Teen Tournament in the queue has been further postponed to November sweeps, it will probably be at least February before the next ToC airs. Barring a long run or a dearth of 3+ game winners it should be no later than May of next year though.

    • Matt permalink

      From the moment Alex Jacob was crowned Grand Champion, I’ve consistently opined that there would be no ToC in calendar year 2016. The ToCs in back-to-back Novembers were a “sui generis” case, as evidenced by Catherine Hardee’s participation (i.e. games before the prior ToC were included in the S32 qualification period) and the lack of College and Teen in S31 (giving us 200 regular games in that season).

      No ToC has had a qualification period of less than 200 games since 1999 (not even your own, which was 202). At the projected start of the Teen Tournament the day after Donald Trump gets his behind handed to him, this cycle will be at 197 games.

      The real effect of moving the D.C.-taped Teen Tournament to November is how it affects the automatic bids – or to be precise, how it may reduce them from three to two. (Before the news broke about Teen being moved out of the start of the season, I thought we’d see another College in November.) Putting a non-ToC qualifying tournament into the November sweeps period may give hope to those on the knife edge of qualification…

      …in particular, Philip Tiu (and possibly Laurie MacDougall). I have been far more bearish on Philip’s probability of qualifying than our esteemed colleague, Mr. Saunders – but the way things have gone since his appearance, his opinion may yet prove correct.

  3. Rob permalink

    Re: 30 second skip on remote, with most remotes, you can program a 30 second skip onto one of the unused buttons. Try Googling ’30 second skip’ plus either ‘Time Warner remote,’ your remote model #, or something similar, and see if anything comes up.

  4. The Top Row Daily Double occurred in the 1991 Seniors Tournament Finale, which was also the last episode of Season 7, and the last episode before JEOPARDY! switched to a new grid set.

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