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April 22, 2016

After 23 weeks, the 5xer Streak of Futility is broken

Congrats to Andrew Pau, who last night became the first player since Matt Jackson to notch a fifth victory. It took 115 games and more than six months for a player to break the streak.

Visually, here’s just how long that period is compared to the time between the 2014 Tournament of Champions and Matt Jackson’s streak:

Jeopardy 5x streak ToC2014

And here’s a further-out view starting from Season 30, which includes the 97-game streak with no 5xers between Julia Collins and Vaughn Winchell:

Jeopardy 5x streak S30-32

As of now, we still have the third-longest streak without a six-time champion in the “Sky’s the Limit” era. Will Andrew break it tonight? Tune in to find out!

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