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March 11, 2016

Final Jeopardy! wagering analysis:
Friday, March 11, 2016

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Welcome to what might very well be the last Final Wager (which includes two bonus analyses).

Two terrible Daily Double wagers by Katrina late in Double Jeopardy! (including the penultimate clue) leave us with this situation:


Mundinger (2x)





15,400 5,200 20,200

Plus we had Gordon jumping to the top of the board when he had a commanding lead and two Daily Doubles were left in just two categories.

Let’s just move right along.

What actually happened

Katrina Victor Gordon
15,400 5,200 20,200
5,000 0 4,500
10,400 5,200 24,700
min max min max
4,801 4,999 5,200 10,601
1,001 4,799
15,400 9,799

I was hoping Gordon might redeem this game but he didn’t even try.

It’s been real. See ya.

The Final Jeopardy! clue


Correct response: Show

The Final Wager – March 11, 2016
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29 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 11 14 15 16 17 18

  1. Greg permalink

    You can’t go! All the plants are gonna die!

  2. I was feeling your pain during this comedy of strategy/wagering errors in the final few clues and FJ in this game! Thank god you didn’t also notice that Katrina almost made a perfect FJ wager but threw in the extra dollar to make it terrible! (although this is noted in the written analysis)… I really hope you’re not serious about stopping, this site has a daily fave forever!

  3. I recently found your most enjoyable site serendipitously. I love Jeopardy. You love Jeopardy. Think about it.
    You have fun every day, M-F, when Jeopardy is on. Think not what your viewers can do for you…think about what you are doing that makes you happy.
    The psychiatrist is out.

  4. My wife asked me why I keep watching when I get so frustrated and yell at the contestants. My response was “so I can feel superior”. Or put another way, if people played good or “correct” strategy there would be no reason for

    It is certainly comforting to see someone else react the same way as me. There are players that have credited this site with learning how to play strategically better.

    Feel the love!

  5. Don’t go, Keith! There are plenty of people including me who appreciate what you do, and many contestants over the past couple of years (or however long you’ve been doing this) have taken advantage of your advice. Without you, Arthur Chu wouldn’t have been Arthur Chu! And if you retire, episodes like yesterday’s will become MORE common. Only you have the power to prevent that from happening!

  6. Peter permalink

    Katrina was just following that other wagering site during those daily doubles. How else would you explain 4000 twice?

    Anyway, whether or not you continue, thank you for all the hard work you’ve done in all of these. I sure loved them all, and you inspired my final math project with some of the other details you’ve looked at.

  7. meansomething permalink

    I really hope you’re not serious about quitting. I just started learning!

  8. Judy permalink

    How about changing the name of the program to, “Jeopardy- The art of wagering”.

  9. Jordan permalink

    I only just discovered your site a few months ago, but it is now part of my daily routine. Please keep fighting the good fight.

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