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February 1, 2016

College Championship: schools represented

2016 College Championship
schools represented wild-card wagering
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Some trivia on the Jeopardy! College Championship, which starts today:

  • What school has thrice supplied the second-place finisher – but never the champion? (Hint: it’s the same school that’s had 13 participants, three more than any other.)
  • What eight schools are one-for-one on producing a College Champion? (My alma mater fit this category until the last tournament.)
  • Stanford is the only school to win twice – and it could win a third crown this year. What’s the only other school that could claim its second title come next Friday? (It’s also one of the answers to the previous question.)

All of that and more in a handy table that lays out (almost) all of the stats for schools that have competed in the College Championship.

But first, let’s have a look at who’s playing this year:

2016 college championship players

I want one of those cards. (from the Jeopardy! minisite)

One of these 15 players will win a pretty sweet trophy, at least $100,000, and a berth in the next Tournament of Champions:

Name School Yr Hometown
Ziad Ali North Carolina State University Fr Oak Ridge, NC
Adam Antoszewski University of Virgina Jr Baltimore, MD
Emily Bingham Wright State University Sr Dayton, OH
Kevin Brown Louisiana State University Sr Boise, ID
Noah Cowan Brown University Fr Bethesda, MD
Sam Deutsch University of Southern California Jr Bethesda, MD
Sarah Dubnik University of Pittsburgh Sr Jamison, PA
Kate Laubscher Northeastern University So Woodside, CA
Hannah Norem Augustana University So Houston, TX
Carissa Pekny United States Military Academy at West Point Sr West Lafayette, IN
Niki Peters University of California, Berkeley So Boise, ID
Amanda Rosner Northwestern University Fr Sandy Springs, GA
Michael Sieja Mississippi State University So Huntsville, AL
Emily Sun Columbia University Fr San Diego, CA
Gus Woythaler Stanford University Sr Encino, CA

It’s nice to see they’re again letting freshmen play in the tournament – and it makes a lot more sense than when I played. When I taped my tournament, I had exactly one month of college experience under my belt; at least the four freshmen here have been on campus for a full semester!

And now, here is the table of schools represented in the College Championship: 179 in all, with maybe a few stragglers once I find the missing 30 slots.

Abilene Christian CollegeS1211
Albion CollegeS1611
Alfred UniversityS1311
Amherst CollegeS05 S1622
Arizona State UniversityS2711
Azusa Pacific UniversityS19 S29211
Baldwin-Wallace CollegeS1211
Ball State UniversityS3011
Barton CollegeS1411
Baylor UniversityS17 S2922
Boston UniversityS09 S12 S13 S18 S22 S276123
Bowdoin CollegeS2911
Bradley UniversityS1811
Brandeis UniversityS1611
Brigham Young UniversityS1011
Brown UniversityS14 S18 S26312
Bryn Mawr CollegeS1311
California Institute of TechnologyS2411
California Polytechnic State UniversityS2811
California State University, BakersfieldS1911
Carleton CollegeS2011
Carnegie Mellon UniversityS19 S21211
Case Western Reserve UniversityS0511
Colby CollegeS2011
Colgate UniversityS10 S12211
College of William & MaryS06 S08 S283111
Columbia UniversityS09 S19 S21 S26 S28532
Concordia University WisconsinS2011
Cooper UnionS1611
Cornell UniversityS0511
Dartmouth CollegeS17 S26211
Davidson CollegeS2111
DePaul UniversityS1911
DePauw UniversityS1411
Dickinson CollegeS2111
Drew UniversityS1611
Duke UniversityS06 S13 S22 S28 S30523
Eastern Illinois UniversityS2811
Eastern Michigan UniversityS1611
Emory UniversityS16 S25211
Florida A&M UniversityS16 S2422
Florida Atlantic UniversityS0911
Florida State UniversityS05 S18 S21 S274121
Georgetown UniversityS06 S07 S16 S21 S24 S2961113
Georgia Institute of TechnologyS06 S07 S10 S12 S23 S296114
Gonzaga UniversityS2211
Goucher CollegeS2811
Grinnell CollegeS0911
Harvard UniversityS05 S06 S09 S12 S13 S17 S18 S20 S23 S24 S25 S28 S3013346
Harvey Mudd CollegeS14 S24211
Hollins UniversityS1611
Illinois State UniversityS0911
Indiana UniversityS18 S28211
Iowa State UniversityS0911
Ithaca CollegeS16 S1822
Johns Hopkins UniversityS05 S25211
Lewis & Clark CollegeS2611
Loyola University ChicagoS17 S28211
Loyola University of New OrleansS13 S13211
Luther College (Iowa)S1711
Marist CollegeS1311
Marquette UniversityS09 S18 S243111
Mary Washington CollegeS1411
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyS14 S28 S29321
Miami UniversityS1811
Michigan State UniversityS05 S08 S13 S24 S255113
Michigan Technological UniversityS1011
Middlebury CollegeS20 S30211
Mississippi State UniversityS2411
Mt. San Jacinto CollegeS2011
Muhlenberg CollegeS2511
New York UniversityS2211
North Carolina Central UniversityS2211
North Carolina State UniversityS06 S22211
Northwestern UniversityS06 S07 S10 S15 S15 S23 S27 S298143
Oakwood UniversityS3011
Oberlin CollegeS0611
Ohio State UniversityS19 S25 S27 S304112
Oklahoma State UniversityS1511
Penn State UniversityS2311
Princeton UniversityS05 S09 S12 S22 S25 S3061122
Purdue UniversityS13 S20 S2233
Reed CollegeS1511
Rice UniversityS06 S17 S20 S254112
Rowan UniversityS1511
Rutgers UniversityS0611
Saddleback CollegeS1811
Saint Mary's College (Indiana)S0611
Salt Lake Community CollegeS1911
San Francisco State UniversityS0911
Santa Clara UniversityS14 S2622
Scripps CollegeS2911
Simpson CollegeS1011
Smith CollegeS1911
Southern Adventist UniversityS2711
Southern Methodist UniversityS0511
Southwest Missouri State UniversityS1211
St. John's CollegeS2511
St. John's UniversityS2111
St. Olaf CollegeS2011
Stanford UniversityS10 S14 S18 S21 S22 S23 S27 S28 S2992115
Syracuse UniversityS1811
Temple UniversityS19 S3022
Texas A&M UniversityS11 S15 S19 S27 S305122
Texas Academy of Mathematics and ScienceS2811
The George Washington UniversityS08 S12 S17 S28422
Towson State UniversityS0511
Tufts UniversityS24 S25 S29321
Tulane UniversityS0511
University of AlabamaS07 S14 S263111
University of Alabama at BirminghamS2211
University of ArizonaS1911
University of ArkansasS1211
University of CaliforniaS23 S26 S303111
University of California, BerkeleyS06 S09 S14 S20 S23532
University of California, Los AngelesS05 S16 S18 S27 S30532
University of California, San DiegoS16 S23211
University of ChicagoS15 S20 S303111
University of CincinnatiS1911
University of Colorado BoulderS24 S2922
University of DelawareS08 S17 S303111
University of FloridaS1011
University of IllinoisS10 S16 S173111
University of Illinois at ChicagoS14 S1522
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignS0911
University of KansasS2511
University of KentuckyS1511
University of LouisvilleS1311
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyS1011
University of Maryland, College ParkS21 S2222
University of Massachusetts AmherstS0511
University of MichiganS06 S10 S13 S15 S19 S23 S24 S26 S2891152
University of MichiganÐDearbornS2211
University of MinnesotaS10 S24 S26321
University of MissouriS10 S21 S25 S264112
University of NebraskaS10 S2722
University of Nebraska-LincolnS2311
University of New OrleansS0711
University of North CarolinaS1211
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillS08 S22 S23321
University of North DakotaS2711
University of North TexasS1511
University of Northern IowaS0611
University of Notre DameS11 S18 S23 S25 S275122
University of OklahomaS08 S11 S303111
University of OregonS1511
University of PennsylvaniaS12 S14 S15 S23 S26 S276123
University of RochesterS2211
University of South CarolinaS09 S14 S24321
University of Southern CaliforniaS05 S18 S20 S234121
University of TexasS2111
University of Texas at AustinS1711
University of Texas at DallasS10 S26211
University of TulsaS2911
University of VirginiaS14 S16 S25 S27413
University of WashingtonS12 S15 S17 S17413
University of West FloridaS2011
University of West GeorgiaS05 S1222
University of Wisconsin-MadisonS2911
University of Wisconsin-River FallsS2611
University of WisconsinÐGreen BayS2111
University of WisconsinÐMadisonS09 S17 S2433
Ursinus CollegeS1711
Vanderbilt UniversityS17 S28 S30312
Vassar CollegeS2511
Virginia Military InstituteS2111
Wake Forest UniversityS2011
Washington University in St. LouisS09 S19 S22 S26 S2951121
Wayne State UniversityS0711
Wellesley CollegeS2911
Wesleyan UniversityS0611
West Virginia UniversityS2111
Whitworth CollegeS1911
William Paterson CollegeS1311
Williams CollegeS2111
Wittenberg UniversityS1311
Wofford CollegeS1511
Yale UniversityS12 S13 S14 S20 S23 S24 S26 S278134

To see colleges represented in a particular season, search for S##, where ## is between 05 and 30. Currently missing 16 QF and 14 SF data points from seasons 7, 8, and 11. I will add Season 32’s list after the tournament.

Here are the answers to the questions at top:

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