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November 28, 2015

28 Nov 1821: Panama joins Gran Colombia

On this day in 1821, Panama declared independence from Spain and joined a union known as the Republic of Gran Colombia.

Map of Gran Colombia in 1824. (Wikimedia Commons)

Some more details about Gran Colombia and Panama:

  • Gran Colombia was established in 1819 by Simon de Bolivar
    • It included¬†parts of several present-day countries in northern South America
    • Bolivar was its first president
    • the term “Gran” (“Great”) is used to distinguish it from modern-day Colombia
  • The union collapsed in 1831, splitting into three countries: Venezuela, Ecuador, and New Granada¬†(Colombia/Panama)
  • New Granada eventually became the United States of Colombia in 1863
  • Panama became independent from Colombia in 1903; construction on the Panama Canal began the following year
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