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October 27, 2015

27 Oct 1922: Southern Rhodesia rejects annexation

On this day in 1922, Southern Rhodesia rejected annexation by the South African Union. Instead, its citizens voted for “responsible government,” which Great Britain granted it in 1923.

Southern Rhodesia declared independence as Rhodesia in 1965; it attained international recognition of its independence in 1980 as Zimbabwe.

flag of Rhodesia via Wikimedia Commons

Here are some former British colonies in southern Africa. I’ll have to do a Fact Primer about African colonies at some point.

Old Name New Name Independence
Basutoland Lesotho 1966
Bechuanaland Botwsana 1966
Nyasaland Malawi 1964
Northern Rhodesia Zambia 1964
Southern Rhodesia Zimbabwe 1980
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