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October 14, 2015

14 Oct 1322: Robert the Bruce defeats England

On this day in 1322, Robert the Bruce defeated troops under Edward II of England at the Battle of Old Byland, the final stroke in securing Scottish independence.

Julia Collins got a clue on Robert the Bruce; I surmised in our interview that his surname might mean “badass”, although I later found out it’s just his family’s name.

Here are some more details on this great Scottish king:

  • Born in Ayrshire
  • Greatest victory: Bannockburn, 1314 (a bottom-row clue several times)
  • England recognized him as King of the Scots after the 1328 Treaty of Northampton
  • In 1376, John Barbour wrote one of the first major Scottish poems about him, “The Bruce”
  • Inflicted with leprosy, died in seclusion in 1329
  • His heart was removed and carried by Crusaders
  • His son, David II, was the second and final king of the House of the Bruce

Image: Statue of Robert the Bruce at the monument for the Battle of Bannockburn in Bannockburn. Martin Kraft via Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

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