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July 29, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

  1. clint permalink

    Why is Jennifer’s wager red? You’re recommended wagers don’t have her covering a zero from the leader.

    • Aaron Fisher permalink

      That was my thought as well. Jennifer’s wager only looks horrible in the context of Jonathan’s screw up. Really though, if she’s wagering over 5,000, she should be going all in. And there are a few very good reasons to wager over 5,000.

    • I feel the probability of Jonathan laying a goose egg is very small. I’ll do some research.

  2. I don’t know what’s funnier: the fact that Jennifer could’ve won with $14, the fact that Colby won with $200, or the fact that Keith actually has booze for these wagers.

  3. Jeff permalink

    Jonathan’s wager was inexplicable. How anyone can go on the show and not learn the basics of this aspect of the game is beyond me.

  4. Dan Spartan permalink

    Anytime a 3rd place player needs 1st and 2nd to miss to have any reasonable* chance to win, they should bet the minimum of their range since they are a 2:1 dog to get FJ correct assuming 1st and 2nd miss (wrong-wrong-wrong happens ~twice as often as wrong-wrong-right).

    *Assumes that 1st and 2nd at least bet to cover 3rd. which has Ken notes, will happen at a very high frequency.

  5. Peter permalink

    I looked through all two years of TFW just to see how bad these past two days were. Yesterday was only the second time everyone received either Red or Grey wagers, and it was the first time that there were three players involved. Turns out, it would only take a single day for that to happen again.
    Even worse, this season had shaped up better; these were only the second and third days this season which had three pink or worse wagers, and the forth and fifth where everyone had that. This is in contrast to the seven or nine respectively that happened last season.

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