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July 28, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

  1. jdgalt permalink

    Why red for Jonathan? He wagered >9,100, and it worked.

    • Kelly permalink

      Because there’s the possibility that his opponents could wager everything, and unless you are tied for the lead it’s better to leave at least some behind in that case because betting more than the minimum to cover second does nothing to increase your chances of winning. Remember what happened in the second semifinal of the 2013 Teen Tournament, or the second episode of the Trebek era, when everyone bet it all and missed and the games had no winner?

      Keith typically isn’t harsh if for example the leader bets to cover by a hundred or two instead of just a dollar (unless it opens another door for a trailer to win, such as letting a locked-out third back in or allowing a second in Stratton’s Dilemma to win with the minimum bet to cover third), but going all-in is unnecessarily risky.

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