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January 21, 2015

A conversation with 4xer Elliot Yates

This past Saturday, Elliot Yates stopped by Final Wager Studios to chat about a range of topics.

Between sips of delicious Hup! Hup! Hup! from Brooklyn’s Other Half Brewery, we covered all of the important aspects of Elliot’s five games, and a few of his personal life.

Elliot yaass

He was even propositioned by a Jeopardy! contestant to whom he referred as his “idol.” (No, not yours truly – find out in Part 3.)

Because a single 20-minute video is a bit daunting – both to edit and to watch – I’ve cut the interview into multiple parts. You can binge on them consecutively in the playlist at the bottom of this post, or click for individual videos.

We start where it all began: with Fanny Brice’s nose job. We also discuss Elliot’s wardrobe and his upcoming European tour.
There’s a special absurdity about being the reigning Jeopardy! champion in “real life” – especially when no one else can know.
Julia Collins provides two questions. The first gets the reaction “ohh emm gee”; the second, a behind-the-scenes comparison of three popular game shows.
With the cameras still rolling after his first win, Elliot had a bit of a freakout. He tells us more about it at my mom’s request.
Vaughn Winchell asks Elliot about the struggles they both faced at certain points in their runs. Does he have any theories as to why they happened?
Before going on Jeopardy!, Elliot was unaware of the show’s huge subculture. Will he become part of it now?

Without further ado, I present: The Final Wager… with Elliot Yates.

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