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November 17, 2014

2014 TOC preview: Semifinal #1

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Our first semifinal pits two first-round winners, Terry O’Shea and Jared Hall, against the bottom wild card – that being, of course, 20-time champ Julia Collins, who eked her way into the second round after a big wager. She was the only player to advance who responded incorrectly on Final Jeopardy!.

I figured this time around, since I’ve already given you full wagering histories for Terry, Jared, and Julia, I’d try a different approach: heat maps for how they performed in the quarterfinals. (The lighter green means they picked up the correct response on a rebound.)

Response data were gleaned from J! Archive.

Terry O'Shea QFTerry O’Shea

Winner, Thursday

Total right: 11
Total wrong: 1
Coryat: 8,800
Final Jeopardy!: correct

Jeopardy! round

5 R, 1 W; Coryat: 2,000

Double Jeopardy! round

6 R, 0 W; Coryat: 6,800


Jared Hall QFJared Hall

Winner, Friday

Total right: 13 (1 DD)
Total wrong: 1 (1 DD)
Coryat: 12,600
Final Jeopardy!: correct

Jeopardy! round

6 R (1 DD), 0 W; Coryat: 3,800

Double Jeopardy! round

7 R, 1 W (1 DD); Coryat: 8,800


Julia Collins QFJulia Collins

Wild card #4 (9,100), Wednesday

Total right: 21 (1 DD)
Total wrong: 2
Coryat: 13,400
Final Jeopardy!: incorrect

Jeopardy! round

11 R, 0 W; Coryat: 6,600

Double Jeopardy! round

10 R (1 DD), 2 W; Coryat: 6,800

  1. Jack permalink

    How do they determine the pairing for the semi final rounds?

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