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September 23, 2014

Daily analysis, Tuesday, September 23

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There’s one situation that I’m hoping we’ll see soon…The Final Wager – September 23, 2014

…and we have it tonight: Shore’s Conjecture. Video to come.

Heather Jarvis: 2,200
Catherine Hardee: 7,200
Christian Burks: 6,200

The Final Jeopardy! category: ENGLISH MONARCHS

Mind you, it’s not the, ahem, strongest game we’ve ever seen, but it fills the bill.

Basic strategy – first vs. second

Catherine should wager 5,200 to cover Christian.

Christian can wager up to 4,200 to stay above Catherine if they’re both wrong.

Heather can wager up to 200 to stay above Catherine should they both miss.

Basic strategy – second vs. third

Christian can wager up to 1,800 to remain above Heather.

Basic strategy – Rule #3

Christian can cover a zero wager by Catherine by risking 1,000. He can also cover an “unsafe” wager by wagering 2,000.

Mind games – first vs. second

If Christian goes for that 1,800 wager, Catherine can cover it by wagering 800.

Mind games – second vs. third

Heather might wager that 200 amount. To account for that, Christian should cap his wager at 3,800.

On the other hand, Christian might go for that “intermediate” amount, which would allow Heather to catch him only if she gets it right – so she could wager everything.

What actually happened

Given Christian’s weak play on the Daily Doubles earlier (400 and 600), I was really shocked he didn’t play more Shoretegically. That big wager would have cost him dearly had Catherine also missed, and the same is true for Heather.

The Final Jeopardy! clue



Correct response: Show


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