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August 19, 2014

Behind the Sweaters: an interview with 20-game champion Julia Collins

On television, Julia Collins comes across as a cool, laid-back woman, flush with humility despite having the second-longest winning streak in Jeopardy! history.

In person, she’s pretty much the same – but without the pressure of thousands of dollars hanging over her head, she’s even more fun.

An interview was the ideal format for me, too: I’d much rather sit a few feet away from her, asking her the questions, than stand a few feet away from her on stage, buzzer in hand.

Julia Collins sweaters

Of course, she tells me all about the sweaters. We dive into several other areas in this wide-ranging chat:

Her big splurge after winning 20 games (2:22)

Her favorite part of the 1980s “Flashback” episodes (7:49)

Why she took wild guesses at certain clues (15:42)

What movie she LOVES (18:35)

After, we met up with Roger Craig, Dan Pawson, and Teen Tournament Champion Jeff Xie, who is also as fun and engaging as he appears on TV. (In addition, I shared that I had invited the three adult champs to take the Ice Bucket Challenge.)

Julia Keith Jeff Dan Roger

As is apparent from the get-go, we had a lot of fun recording this.

Without further ado, enjoy: The Final Wager… with Julia Collins.

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