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July 21, 2014

2014 Teen Tournament: a brief overview

2014 Teen Tournament
Overview Teens in the TOC Joe Taglic interview
Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 1 2

The two-week Jeopardy! Teen Tournament rounds out Season 30. Starting today, 15 teenagers will battle for a $75,000 top prize.

They’ve already been quite active on Twitter. Feel free to follow the list I set up with their handles.

Here’s a map of our contestants. As you can see, the west coast is underrepresented.

2014 Teen Tournament geography

I’ve covered the tournament format in the past (here’s the summary).

The five winners of the quarterfinal games will advance to the semifinals. They’ll be joined there by the four highest scorers among non-winners: the wild cards.

Last year’s qualifying score was 15,000. Here’s a chart of all of the cut-offs, adjusted for doubled clue values.

Special thanks again to Kelly the Wagering Strategist for compiling these data.

My guess for a cut-off this year is 13,200. Given last year’s triple-zero stunner in the semifinals, I think the players will be a bit more conservative in their wagering.

Finally, for those of you who want to learn more about the individual players, you can visit the official Jeopardy! site (careful! It looks like the videos have spoilers), or check out the news items to which I’ve linked below.


Kat Deabill, 11th grade, Goffstown, NH
Cooper Lair, 10th grade, Little Rock, AR
Josiah Takang, 11th grade, Douglasville, GA


Erin Christopher, 10th grade, Lexington, KY
Selena Groh, 11th grade, Buffalo Grove, IL
Jeff Xie, 11th grade, Edison, NJ


Nikki Airi, 11th grade, Worthington, OH
Eileen Bunch, 9th grade, Villa Hills, KY
William Golden, 7th grade, Houston, TX


Kevin Huang, 12th grade, Irvine, CA
Alan Koolik, 11th grade, Boca Raton, FL
Ananya Nrusimha, 10th grade, East Amherst, NY


Sam Lerner, 10th grade, Indianapolis, IN
Sydney Mokel, 12th grade, South Windsor, CT
Joe Taglic, 12th grade, Long Island, NY

  1. Jeff Xie permalink

    Uh, Keith: I think there’s a problem. You said last year’s wild-card cut-off was 15,800. However, Irene Vasquez, the last wild card, got 15,000. Just letting you know.

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