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June 23, 2014

Daily analysis, Monday, June 23

Four weeks of regular play left in Season 30. Will we get a multi-day male champion in that stretch?The Final Wager - June 23, 2014

Could it be James? His cool, calm gaze in the introduction pierced the hearts of a thousand Jeopardy! fans; he then proceeded to break them in mentioning his fiancée during the interview. He bounced around the board just a little bit, and took the lead heading into Final.

Alison Meermans: 10,400
James Friscia: 15,200
Michele Consoli: 12,600

The Final Jeopardy! category: BROADWAY

All three contestants have five-figure sums, so it could be a big payday for someone. Let’s see what each should do.

Basic strategy – first vs. second

James should wager 10,000.

To stay above him if he’s wrong, Michele can wager up to 7,400, while Alison can risk up to 5,200.

Basic strategy – second vs. third

Michele will need to wager 8,200 to cover Alison; but at that rate, she might as well wager everything, since she’ll lose to James on the downside.

Basic strategy – Rule #3

Michele can wager 2,600 to cover a zero by James, and 5,200 to cover an “unsafe” wager by him.

Three ideal points for Alison: 2,200 (zero by Michele), 4,400 (“unsafe” by Michele), 4,800 (zero by James). Obviously, I’d go for the highest.

Mind games

With both opponents capable of catching him, and an all-in wager the expected bet out of Michele, there’s no reason for James to play mind games here.¬†Between the ladies, it’s a bit more complicated.

Michele might wager at least 3,000 to cover Alison’s maximum 5,200 wager.

Alison, in response, could cap her bet at 800.

Were I Michelle, I’d also max out my wager at 4,400, in case Alison goes for that 2,200 amount. (Should they both miss, they’d tie.)

What actually happened

Between bouncing and wagering to tie, it looks like James went to the Arthur Chu School of Strategy. His Daily Double wager was a mite small for a potential Jeopardy! villain, although it would not have made a difference here.

The Final Jeopardy! clue for June 23, 2014 (BROADWAY):


Correct response: Show


  1. Kelly permalink

    I’m curious – is this the first regular game taped after Arthur’s run? If so that may explain how we may start seeing more players employing his tactics. (I know we saw some in the last two weeks of the Battle of the Decades, which were also taped afterwards.)

    • Kelly permalink

      I should say after Arthur’s run *aired*.

    • I believe Arthur’s run had begun to air by the time Julia’s 6th game taped. Not sure when this game taped.

      I do wonder whether James had advertised his wager-to-tie intentions in the green room. You usually expect second to hold back a few dollars.

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