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May 9, 2014

Battle of the Decades preview: QF #5

Battle of the Decades – knockout rounds
Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 1 2
preliminary round

One game left. Three spots on the line, including one guaranteed to the winner of this match. In the pink corner: the Bouncing King. In the orange corner: the Southern Gentleman. In the blue corner: the Tricky Teacher.

Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades Friday quarterfinal

I’m so torn over this one; it could go any way. Chuck, as always, will live or die by Final Jeopardy!; perhaps one or both of the other players will follow him into the abyss (or to semifinal glory). This is the one game in which I could see all three candidates moving on to the next round.

Chuck Forrest

Chuck fought a tough battle with India Cooper; his overly aggressive wager could have allowed Jim Scott to win from distant third.

BOTD prelims (02/03/14)

India Chuck Jim
18,500 16,700 3,200

Proper wager: 3,600 – 10,299
Actual wager: 16,700

And when the wild card was on the line in the Million Dollar Masters, he didn’t hesitate there, either.

TOC quarterfinal (11/14/86)

Chuck Gary Guy
11,000 3,000 2,600

Wager: 1,000

Million Dollar Masters quarterfinal (05/03/02)

Leslie F* Chuck Eric
21,700 16,000 10,000

Wager: 16,000

Mark Dawson

Mark played conservatively in Final against Dave Abbott, banking on a big wager from his fellow TOC champ. He got it – as well as the tough clue he was looking for.

BOTD prelims (03/06/14)

Dave Mark D Claudia
16,200 13,600 5,800

Proper wager: 5,400 – 7,199
Alternate wager: 0 – 1,999
Actual wager: 1,999

In his TOC quarterfinal, he preferred to stay above third (and stay above second’s pre-Final score) than to make a big wager to claim the automatic semifinal bid.

TOC quarterfinal (05/06/03)

Mark Trevor Max
16,000 15,000 7,600

Wager: 799

Colby Burnett

Colby had one of the savviest wagers of the tournament, recognizing his own limitations and receiving a proper reward against a strong Celeste DiNucci.

BOTD prelims (03/31/14)

Colby Celeste Tom N
16,400 16,200 7,400

Proper wager: 16,001
Alternate wager: 1,200 or 8,600
Actual wager: 199

Colby, like many in this field, has also played in two tournaments. He targeted the 20,000 amount in the Teachers Tournament, and 16,400 in his TOC. (In his shoes there, I would have wagered at least 801, so he made a solid play.)

Teachers Tournament quarterfinal (11/07/12)

Colby Michael Diana
19,800 14,000 13,800

Wager: 201

TOC quarterfinal (02/14/13)

Colby David Joel
15,200 11,600 5,800

Wager: 1,200

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  1. Kelly permalink

    Once again you forgot to clarify that Chuck’s QF ToC game was post-doubling. :)

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