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May 8, 2014

Battle of the Decades preview: QF #4

Battle of the Decades – knockout rounds
Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 1 2
preliminary round

The second of our two College Champs, Tom Cubbage, takes on Rachael Schwartz and Ken Jennings. You know for whom I’m pulling here!

Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades Thursday quarterfinal

Given his range of knowledge and skills on the buzzer, Ken is a solid pick to win – or to at least have the lead heading into Final. Both Tom and Rachael are strong players who could give him a challenge and be in great position for a wild card, particularly if they toss a lot on the line on a Daily Double.

Tom Cubbage

My fellow College Champion Tom was in perhaps the strongest overall 1980s preliminary game, and used savvy wagering to outmaneuver Bob Verini and Jerome Vered.

BOTD prelims (02/07/14)

Bob V Tom C Jerome
14,000 13,000 8,400

Proper wager: 3,801 – 4,599
Actual wager: 3,801

Tom went big in his TOC quarterfinal; he was already big in his College Championship quarterfinal.

College Championship quarterfinal (05/08/89) [pre-doubling]

Tom Betty Dave
15,400 2,800 600

Wager: 0

TOC quarterfinal (11/09/89) [pre-doubling]

Yael Brian Tom
5,395 4,900 4,100

Wager: 4,099

Rachael Schwartz

Rachael won a mind game in Final Jeopardy! against Eddie Timanus, staying above him on the double-miss in the preliminary round.

BOTD prelims (03/03/14)

Eddie Rachael Babu
14,400 10,500 2,000

Proper wager: 0 – 2,700
Alternate wager: 10,500
Actual wager: 2,600

It seems Rachael came in with target amounts each time she played. I wonder what she’ll go for this time?

TOC quarterfinal (11/17/94) [pre-doubling]

Rachael John David
6,200 5,300 5,200

Wager: 3,100

Million Dollar Masters quarterfinal (05/01/02)

Frank* Bob H* Rachael
19,200 15,800 10,100

Wager: 2,301

Ken Jennings

Ken made quick work of his preliminary-round opponents, although Michael’s large DD wager would have made things interesting had he been right. Ken has never played in a quarterfinal game.

BOTD prelims (04/03/14)

Ken Michael Vinita
26,800 4,800 3,600

Proper wager: 0 – 17,199
Actual wager: 3,200

  1. Pretty sure that you don’t play 2 ToC QFs.

  2. Kelly permalink

    This time you didn’t notate the pre-doubled quarterfinals (since that can be a big factor there).

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