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April 11, 2014

Daily analysis, Friday, April 11

It’s Friday! Will the players (and Alex, perhaps?) go overboard in trying to ruin my good mood?

As a Red Sox fan, I was appalled by the triple stumper about Big Papi. For shame. And then what was up with Alex during the interviews?

I was also disappointed that Sandie got that last 1,600 clue, as I wanted to see what she and Rebecca would have done tied for first with Monique breathing down their necks. (HINT: They should wager everything in that situation.)

Sandie Baker: 13,400
Rebecca Baird: 11,800
Monique Aldred: 6,700

The Final Jeopardy! category: HISTORIC IRONY

Whatever that category means, we’ve got an interesting situation. Let’s walk through it.

Basic strategy

Sandie should wager 10,200 to take control of her own destiny.

Rebecca should wager at least 1,600 to cover Monique, and at least 3,200 to cover an “unsafe” wager by Sandie.

Monique should wager no more than 3,500 to avoid falling below Sandie, but at least 3,500 to have a shot against Rebecca if Rebecca wagers 1,600.

Wait – she has to wager at least 3,500, but no more than 3,500. So she MUST wager 3,500!

Holy schnikes – after a three-month drought, we’ve got two days in a row with a wager-to-tie situation. This one is another “off-menu” scenario:

A = 2*C
A-B > B-C

(Don’t worry about memorizing this one; you can derive it from the simple calculations. Here are the two you need to know.)

Mind games

Each player has multiple options here. The video will probably be your best friend here…

Rebecca‘s best wager is 1,600 – if she’s right, she’ll cover a double-up by Monique, and a zero wager by Sandie.

Monique could wager everything to tie Rebecca if they both get it right and Rebecca goes for this smaller wager.

Sandie could wager zero if she thinks Rebecca will go for the small amount. But, she should also wager no more than 10,200, the bare minimum, lest she risk falling below Monique if Monique wagers 3,500 and they both get it wrong.

Since Sandie should wager for the tie, Rebecca could put it all on the line – but as we saw yesterday, that’s not a stellar play, because Sandie will probably tack on an extra 100.

(pause to catch breath)

Well, two of our players did well, and the other did not. Care to guess which? She’ll be coming back for her fourth game on Monday.

We’ll see you Monday, as well! Have a great weekend.

The Final Jeopardy! clue for April 11, 2014 (HISTORIC IRONY):


Correct response: Who was Richard Wagner?

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