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March 20, 2014

Daily analysis, Thursday, March 20

This washing machine is stuck on Spin Cycle. Will our new champ stop the madness?The Final Wager - March 20, 2014

He’s put himself in great position to do so, holding a lead over his two challengers. We’ll see how he does with this category – and with the wagering, of course.

Gabor Revy: 14,400
Brendan Getzell: 12,800
Diane Levinson: 10,800

The Final Jeopardy! category: OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES

Another really fun situation to parse. Let’s start with the traditional wagers.

Gabor should wager 11,200 to secure his own destiny.

Brendan should wager at least 8,800 to cover Diane, and no more than 9,600 so as not to fall below Gabor.

Diane can wager up to 6,800 to stay above Brendan, and at least 4,000 to cover zero wagers by her opponents (and an “unsafe” wager by Brendan).

Here’s where the fun begins.

If Brendan anticipates a 6,800 wager by Diane, he can wager 4,800 to secure a lead over her if she’s right, and limit downside damage.

Diane, in response, could wager up to 2,800, and should wager at least 2,000 to cover a zero by Brendan.

Gabor, if he thinks Brendan will wager rationally, can wager just 8,000. This also limits downside risk but puts him in danger of being passed.

It doesn’t make sense to go further beyond this, but Diane could also limit her “larger” wager to 4,400 to stay above Gabor should he do this.

Gabor, what are you doing? What made him think someone would go for 20,000? I guess I could see a 3,200 wager, but 5,601? The mind boggles, and the carousel spins madly on.

The Final Jeopardy! clue for March 20, 2014 (OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES):


Correct response: What is the camel?

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