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March 5, 2014

Battle of the Decades preview: 1990s, game 8

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For the second night in a row, an extremely talented trio takes the stage, and I’m having a tough time picking one.

Robin CarrollRobin Carroll is one of the most successful women in Jeopardy! history, having locked all five of her regular games before winning the 2000 Tournament of Champions and the 2000 International Tournament. She received a bye into the second round of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, where she missed a big Daily Double yet still managed to enter Final in contention.

Bob HarrisBob Harris is one of the most popular players from the show’s entire run. He wrote about his experience in The Prisoner of Trebekistan, where he divulges the meticulous study habits he used in preparation for the show. He was involved in that awesome TOC final with Dan Melia, and recited much of Jabberwocky after realizing his related Final response was incorrect in the UTOC. He would have advanced with a correct answer there.

Shane WhitlockShane Whitlock won the 1996 College Championship and was selected as the Fan Favorite for this batch of shows. He has a strong track record in post-College play, controlling his destiny against eventual TOC Champ Mike Dupée in their semifinal and leading Frank Spangenberg in Round 3 of the UTOC. He could be a dark horse.


All three have shown serious chops on the show, as well as aggressive tendencies. It’s tough to pick one but I’m going to once again use the College Champ card and pull for Shane. Should be a great game, no matter what!

Robin Carroll

Robin had locks in all five of her regular games (1 2 3 4 5), her TOC semifinal, and the 2000 International Tournament semifinal.

UTOC Round 2 (04/25/05)

Steve Matt Robin
12,400 8,800 4,800

Proper wager: 4,800
Actual wager: 4,799

Bob Harris

Bob had locks in his first four games.

Game 5 (11/27/97)

Bob John Patty
7,300 6,700 3,900

Proper wager: 6,100
Actual wager: 7,300
Verdict: whoa, nelly! Not the last time he’d do this, either …

TOC semifinal (02/10/98)

Bob Lyn Peter
12,400 10,000 3,900

Proper wager: 7,601
Alternate wagers: 0 – 200; 2,801
Actual wager: 7,601

Million Dollar Masters semifinal (05/08/02)

Eric Bob Leslie S*
25,500 14,800 2,800

Proper wager: 14,800
Actual wager: 14,800
Verdict: nice!

UTOC Round 1 (02/15/05)

Bob Tom* Frank
12,200 11,600 7,600

Proper wager: 11,001
Actual wager: 12,200
Verdict: whoa. Really?

UTOC Round 2 (04/18/05)

Bob Michael Bruce
17,200 16,000 8,400

Proper wager: 14,801
Actual wager: 15,000
Verdict: good enough

Shane Whitlock

TOC semifinal (11/27/96)

Shane Mike* Beverly
11,500 11,100 5,500

Proper wager: 10,701
Actual wager: 11,000
Verdict: a little much, but no harm

UTOC Round 1 (03/21/05)

Shane Lynne John
18,400 9,800 7,600

Proper wager: 1,201 – 3,199
Actual wager: 2,000
Verdict: taking home some extra dough

UTOC Round 2 (04/19/05)

Steve Shane Eric
12,600 11,600 400

Proper wager: 2,000 – 9,600
Actual wager: 4,000

UTOC Round 3 (05/11/05)

Shane Frank* Grace
18,400 17,200 10,000

Proper wager: 16,001
Actual wager: 16,001
Verdict: bummer!Jeopardy Battle of the Decades 1990s Game 8

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  1. Cerulean permalink

    A plausible alternative wager for Shane in his TOC is 0-299: Mike will want to keep Beverly locked out (probably).

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