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December 4, 2013

Daily analysis, December 4

Still really pumped from that game yesterday. Will we have a repeat performance – or is that too much to ask?

Carlos was a little too specific on his Ides on the final Daily Double, costing him $5,000 and a much larger lead. Will that spell doom for our new champion?

Carlos Ross: 14,900
Kaya Blauvelt: 13,600
Brock Thompson: 8,600

This situation is straightforward.

Carlos should go for 12,300 to lock out Kaya.

Kaya can wager between 3,600 to cover Brock, and 5,000 so as not to fall below him.

Brock should wager at least 1,400 to put himself into contention against Kaya, and no more than 6,000 to stay above Carlos on an incorrect response.

Shame on you, gentlemen!

Final Jeopardy wagering December 4, 2013

Would Carlos have taken home much more had he gotten that Daily Double correct? We will never know.

The Final Jeopardy! clue for December 4, 2013:


Correct response: What is Macau?

N.B. The show used a similar Final clue in the last semifinal of the 2003 Tournament of Champions. Trevor Norris, who was in the lead heading in and lost, used signature “Damn [*].” as his signature. That’s how I knew this one.

That same game also had this clue in LITERARY FIRST LINES, $400: 1813: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a … fortune must be in want of a wife”

  1. Kelly permalink

    Although Brock’s wager was not a good one, it’s not one that would give him no realistic chance of winning since there’s a possibility Kaya might bet bigger than recommended (as opposed to when you’d keep yourself below where the leader would fall, since the only reason he/she would have to bet bigger than needed to cover is greed). In fact, in this type of scenario (3rd is above where the leader would fall but is trailing in a crush relative to 2nd), only if 3rd has at least half of the leader’s total (as in this game) can he/she get into range with a standard bet by 2nd and stay above the leader’s point on a double miss. If 3rd has less than he/she is in a dilemma – either bet to stay above the leader and hope for non-recommended wagering by 2nd, or bet more to get into range and hope for a sole get (go with the former if you don’t think 2nd is a good wagerer, or go with the latter otherwise).

    • Keith Williams permalink

      The last thing I’d want to do in this situation is put my chances entirely in the hands of someone else wagering irrationally. Kaya made a good wager; Brock! did not give himself a chance to win. Therefore, black. (Remember, you play Jeopardy! to win, not to “not lose”.)

  2. TERRIBLE wager on my part from a rational viewpoint. I know full well I got lucky!

    • Keith Williams permalink

      It’s ok, Carlos. The Damian Henri Crown of Shame isn’t as light as it looks, so it should not put too much strain on your neck. 😉

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