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November 21, 2013

Wagering in two-day Jeopardy! tournament finals

With the two-day championship of the Teachers Tournament starting today, let’s take a look at wagering strategy for the two Final Jeopardy! clues our contestants will face.

The finalists will play two games, with the rankings determined by adding together the individual scores. (Players can’t wager any points from Game One in Game Two.)

The common strategy is to treat the first Final Jeopardy! like a Daily Double that all three of you get to play. The second Final is where the strategy often gets tricky.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • how to see who’s actually winning before the deciding Final Jeopardy! – it might not be the person winning Game Two!
  • how to perform a quick check to see whether you’re beating another player
  • how to calculate your proper wager

… and more. We’ll analyze the two-day Ultimate Tournament of Champions match between Jerome Vered, Frank Spangenberg, and Pam Mueller – all three of whom will return for The Battle of the Decades. UTOC Semifinal 1 Final Jeopardy

  1. Adam K permalink

    You skip right over strategy for Game 1 – which is far more important than you give it credit for. I’d live to see an update on that topic.

    • Hi Adam – you make a good point. Id just approach it as a normal DD: big if you like the category, small if you don’t. I wouldn’t focus on the other players’ scores all that much, since your sole concern (and the only thing you can control) is maximizing your own expected value.

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