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September 19, 2013

Wagering practice – Defeat from the jaws of victory

Want to see how you’re doing after watching Part One of my tutorial? Here’s another sample scenario.

What are your thoughts on these wagers?

Final Jeopardy 20121228 Slide1

Click here for the answer!

(Thanks to the J! Archive and Scott Chvatal)

Answers to Wednesday’s scenario:

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  1. Chris permalink

    Keith! How could Nichole have wagered anything there? Was it a day one of a two day event? I guess it would say so if that was the case so I’ll assume no.

    And in that case, she should just wager zero and move to the next day with her winnings! The 2nd competitor positioned herself nicely, she allows herself to wager it all and then pretty much lock the 1st place player in to a wager of zero. I’m surprised Nichole didn’t do so, its a great spot in final jeop wagers and I always enjoy those ones.

What do you think?