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Welcome to The Final Wager

“Keith Williams ruined everything.”

I’m 2003 College Champion Keith Williams, and I’ll show you how to handle the ins and outs of game theory – knowledge that can spell the difference between victory and defeat on Jeopardy!, and help you in other aspects of your life.

Here for James Holzhauer?

Jeopardy! All-Stars Austin Rogers and Monica Thieu joined me to discuss James’s strategy from second place in his final regular match.

Check out these pages to see how James stacks up against the all-time greats:

The biggest one-day totals in Jeopardy! history

The sortable all-time Jeopardy! leaderboard

Read my piece in The New York Post, in which I asked Brad Rutter, Roger Craig and Austin Rogers for their thoughts on the champ’s mind-blowing run.

I spoke with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about James and his place in Jeopardy! history.

What’s Keith up to now?

I recently launched Petrichor Strategies, a consulting firm that teaches people how to explain things in easy-to-understand terms—exactly what I did for Final Jeopardy! wagering on The Final Wager. Check out the website.

How to wager in Final Jeopardy!

Improper wagering in Final Jeopardy! has cost countless players. In my groundbreaking series, I show you how to calculate the correct wager with as little math as possible.

Click here to begin. You’ll be following in some big footsteps:

“[Keith’s] innovation wasn’t the theory itself but being able to describe the theory in a clear, cogent way so that even a Jeopardy! beginner like me could follow it.”

–Arthur Chu, 11-time champ and TOC finalist

“The Final Wager helped me feel comfortable about the aspect of the show that had me the most concerned ahead of time.”

–Kristin Sausville, 5-time champ and TOC quarterfinalist

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